What is Skunk?


To people in the United States the word skunk is inseparably linked to the liquid-spraying mammal.

That particular descriptor was selected to be the perfect match for some cannabis strains in the 1970s which had strong aromas.

In the United Kingdom skunk is a commonly used term for cannabis of a high-THC cannabis variation, regardless of it’s genetic tradition.

Skunk cannabis is planted or grown with one purpose in mind. Smoking.

Skunk is now 50% of the cannabis that is available on the market.

Skunk variations largely come from crossbreeding programs that encourage the planters to crossbreed strains from Pakistan and Afghanistan coupled with the soaring sativa plants of South America, plus strains from Asia.

Technology has helped improve a fresh strain of skunk that can grow in outdoor environments.

Skunk is also growing in abundance in the greenhouses.


Cannabis and addiction

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