The fear of THC


THC has a very bad reputation and it seems to be the number one thing cited by naysayers who like to condemn cannabis for its psychoactive effects.

Where CBD is seen as rather harmless, THC on the other hand is ‘the enemy’.

As Dr. Frank always says: ‘Don’t Fear The THC’.

Interestingly, THC feels very different when combined with cannabidiol, or CBD.

This is what’s known as The Entourage Effect. The reasons for this still aren’t fully known.

THC, like a rock star, only reaches its full potential when it rolls with a support crew which consists of hundreds of other compounds in the plant.

The problem with researching a Schedule I drug in the USA is that the government doesn’t want you to do it. Because Federally cannabis is still considered the same as Heroin or LSD, it not legally considered to have any medicinal value. Its therefore ironic that the US government, at the same time, holds patents for the medicinal use of cannabis.

As more states go legal, cannabis continues to climb out of the unknown or anecdotal and become more grounded in more and more in scientific research. To that end, Israel leads the world.

Certainly the biggest barrier to cannabis being descheduled in the US and embraced by the United Nations is THC, which due to lack of education, can create a chilling effect in medical professionals and members of the public alike.


What is Skunk?

Dr. Frank explains why he was so surprised when he came to the UK and first heard the generic term ‘Skunk’ to describe cannabis, why it’s so dangerous and how it’s had a negative impact on cannabis as a whole.

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