Why Has the Food Industry Become So Obsessed with CBD?


There has been an absolute explosion in the number of food products made with CBD oil, a non-psychoactive derivative of the cannabis plant.

Disciples of CBD argue that it is a remedy for everything from pain relief to insomnia – even if a distinct lack of research means that science is still lagging far behind.

On the market today is a vegan marshmallow cookie. Then there’s the new plant-based restaurant chain By Chloe, which the cookie comes from. Now the restaurant has launched the Feelz range of chocolate brownie infused with CBD. Each of the baked goods contains 2.5 milligrams of CBD oil, mostly added to the frosting or glaze finishes.

By Chloe’s new range encapsulates the public’s growing interest in CBD oil.

In the UK, Holland and Barrett recently became the first high street retailer to stock medicinal CBD oil, with sales of the product rising by 37 percent in the four weeks of its launch.

The substance’s real growth area, however, seems to be food and drink.

This year has seen an explosion of CBD oil-infused cocktails, smoothies, chocolate bars, and countless other edible items.

Now a new eatery in Brighton, The Canna Kitchen has launched claiming to be “the UK’s first cannabis-infused vegetarian and vegan restaurant” opens. It’s menu includes CBD cashew cheese on buckwheat pancakes and CBD tahini cream over za’atar roast cauliflower.

Britain’s newfound obsession with CBD food products is inspired by similar trends in Canada and the US, where growing cannabis legalisation from state to state has led to a booming new industry in weed-derived food products.

One of the things about CBD is that it’s fat-soluble. There was a recent study where they gave people CBD after making them fast for ten hours, then gave them a high-fat breakfast and a glass of full fat milk. That increased the amount of CBD that the people absorbed.

However more clinical trials are needed to fully understand how the body responds to CBD oil-infused food and drink.


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